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Pet Care Myths and Facts

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On this page we tell you about common myths involved in keeping pets. We will be pleased if you wish to contribute some information to this page. Feel free to mail us at!!! Thanks!!!


Common Dog Myths:


  • Dogs fed only meat do well. False as a pure meat diet leads to imbalance in Calcium and phosphorous leading to weak bones.
  • Dogs need to conceive. Again false, and bitches are best spayed before their first heat.
  • Male dogs cock their legs and females squat to urinate. Mostly true but the inverse can occur that is males might squat and females raise their legs!
  • Dogs that bark don’t bite and vice versa. The worst myth and never trust a dog that you do not know.
  • You need to feed it every time you eat. Total rubbish! The only time you need to feed the dog is once or twice a day preferably the same time every day.
  • Dogs need variety in their diet. I have seen dogs live well on a monotonous diet and misbehave when their diet is changed frequently. They then tend to become choosy and finicky eaters. This theory holds true more for small breeds.
  • Eating grass is normal. Mostly yes, but could also be a sign of worms, gastritis and less fiber in the diet.
  • Wounds heal well when left open. The more the dog licks its wound especially in summer wounds tend to fester. Bandage the wounds or better still use some bitter spray on them.
  • Dogs eat their stool due to deficiencies. Coprophagy or stool eating is really a troublesome topic to understand. The causes range from fear of being punished to worms to deficiencies. God knows why they do it …………..but it bugs the owners no end!
  • Dogs don’t have psychologists. Canine psychologists are probably the most in demand vets and probably every owner needs his services at least once in his pets life span.

Human to Dog Age calculator:


This is only an approximation for readers and the rough formulae is : The first canine year is 9 years of human age and each subsequent year is 7. Some texts state that for small breeds each subsequent year is 7 years, while for giant breeds each subsequent year is 9.


This means that :


A Pomeranian Aged 11 is 79 human years ( 1*9 + 10 * 7)

A Great Dane Aged 11 is 99 human years ( 1* 9 + 10 *9)


This probably explains why giant breeds have a shorter life span compared to miniature breeds.

Year of life
Human Age
Dog Age (Approx)
23 ( 1*9 + 2 *7)
51 ( 1*9 + 6*7)
79 ( 1*9 + 10*7)
114 ( 1*9 + 15* 7)

Answers: The answers to all the queries are true!!!!!! The object was to give you as many facts as possible!!!


Score : Give yourself a point for every True you had answered and you have a great knowledge of your pets if your tally has crossed fifteen.

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