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The most common breeds in Delhi include the Alsatian, Labrador, Boxer, Dalmatian, Pomeranian, Spitz, Lhasa Apso etc. On this page we discuss the pro's and con's of keeping them. Dr Unny provides a rating  of one to five stars as to how they suit Delhi.
* Poor              **OK                ***Satisfactory        ****Good    ***** Excellent

Alsatian or German Shepherd: An all time favourite that is the ideal guard and family dog. Needs a fair amount of space and care and is rather delicate in our hot Delhi climate. Prone to ear and skin infections. As a dog is unparalled in loyalty and is easily trainable.  Rating: * * * *.


Labrador: One of Dr Unny's favorite breeds and is a docile animal ideal for homes with small children. It rarely bites, in fact it rarely barks too much and is safe with naughty kids. Not a good guard but a good source of emotional support. Prone to obesity. Grooming is minimal but exercise needs to be more. Rating: * * * * *.


Boxer: One of the all time greats, ideal for homes and security. A very hardy breed that tends to drool in hot climates. Very easy to maintain and look after. Not Vicious but a good security asset. Grooming is minimal but needs lots of exercise. Hardly prone to any major ailment. Rating: * * * * *.


Dalmatian: Ideal for city life but needs firm handling as a pup. Prone to skin allergies and also bladder stones. Needs exercise and very little grooming. A good guard that can be stubborn at times. Prone to Deafness which is congenital. Most Dalmatians Dr Unny has seen in Delhi have skin ailments. Rating: * * *.


Doberman: An excellent guard and in the hands of an experienced dog owner is an asset. Will thrive best in large open areas but can manage in small apartments. Has lost popularity in Delhi in the last few years due to extensive inbreeding. Tends to need loads of exercise, minimal grooming and not a fussy eater. Rating: * * *.


Rottweiler: Another top choice guard for large homes. Not suited to live in apartments. Be careful in getting these dogs in homes with very small children. Not a first choice for the novice dog handler. Needs little grooming but lots of exercise. An untrained Rottweiler can be a liability. Rating: * *.


Great Dane: A majestic giant that is one of Dr Unny's favourites. It has an even temper, easy to maintain, needs little training, is safe with children and is not a fussy eater. Prone to bloat and skin ailments. Still a top Choice for large homes with manpower to provide exercise and food. Rating: * * * * *. 


Daschund: A guard family dog that needs little grooming and is not suited for high rises without lifts. Prone to back trouble and skin ailments. Minimal grooming needs and lots of free exercise. Not a fussy eater. Rating: * * *.


Spitz: An all time Delhi favourite that retains popularity due to its cost, minimal care, guarding instincts and cute nature. Not difficult to maintain and is very hardy even in hot climates. Can be temperamental and need lots of grooming. Firm handling will make them good pets. Rating: * * * 1/2*


Cocker Spaniel: This adorable creature finds merit in any household. It is a good guard due to its hearing and sense of smell. Needs lots of grooming and care. Prone to skin, ear infections and warts. Minimal exercise and not a fussy eater. Rating: * * * *.


Lhasa Apso: A beautiful animal that in Delhi is a pity to see. Hardly 10% of the owners do justice to its beautiful coat. Grooming is extensive, can be a fussy eater and exercise is minimal. Rating: *.
The site is a virtual encyclopedia for all breed related details. Be sure to check this site out once before you buy any dog.

Top Choices according To Dr Unny:
Guard Dogs:
Spitz ( Ability to bark!)
Family Dogs:
Great dane
Cocker Spaniel
Golden Retriever
Common Indian Breeds
Himalayan Sheep Dog
Rampur hound
Mudhul hound

The rating provided here is in accordance to the ease of maintainence in Delhi and the average care the breed needs. It also takes in to account the average kinds of dogs Dr Unny has seen in the last decade or so in Delhi, their ailmments etc. It is only a personal choice based on experience.

Disclaimer : Contact Dr Unny Before using any information available on this site. All material on this site is under copyright and must not be used for any publication without the authors prior permission.
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