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The Amrita Pet Care Clinic ( Official website shifted to )

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Welcome to our web site!

Hello there,we wish to introduce to you one of Delhi's Veterinary Clinics that takes pride in providing quality health care for your pets.  Established in the spring of 1998 it has endeavored to keep its patients in the best of health with the most modern equipment and techniques.


The satisfaction of establishing this practice lies in the ever increasing client base. We have always believed that a satisfied client is the best source of advertisement. The 'Word of mouth publicity' we get is the best compliment our clients could give us and we are obliged to them for this. 


Official website is now :


Kindly visit the site for the latest information from our side. Thank you. Sorry for the inconvinience


Veterinarians Oath

Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health and the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.


'AMMA' my Guru : My Strength and Inspiration. AMMA was kind enough to inaugurate and bless my clinic in March 1998.
Popularly known as the "Hugging Saint" AMMA has showered her blessings on millions of people across the globe. Want to know more about her just log on to

It is a pleasure to have you visit our site. You are welcome to contact us at the numbers mentioned below or give us your comments in our guest book.
Feel free to ask queries or discuss anything about your pet. We will try to give you as honest and quick comments as possible .
Dr Gautam Unny BVSc, M.I.S.V.S.
DVC No. 465 / VCI No. 2562
The Amrita Pet Care Clinic
A-150, Anand Vihar, Delhi 110092. Ph:  42427976  (Morning)
G-6, Vardhaman Market, Ram Vihar Ph:  4308-6626  (Evening)
(R) 2215-3622                                     (M) 98100-53451
Specialized fully functional Operation Theater at G 13 Vardhaman Market Ram Vihar. Open round the clock for emergency surgeries


Disclaimer : Contact Dr Unny Before using any information available on this site. All material on this site is under copyright and must not be used for any publication without the authors prior permission.
Official website is now