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This page is to give information in one line on the most common diseases clients see in Delhi, India. It is not meant to be conclusive but rather only informative. Please consult your veterinarian or Dr Unny for details. 

Bullet shaped Lyssa Virus causing Rabies

Viral Diseases: The most common viral diseases one can see include Parvo and Distemper. Parvo affects dogs of all ages and is more dangerous in pups below two months. It causes a hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Distemper affects the respiratory, enteric and nervous systems and is almost 100% fatal. Parainfluenza causes kennel cough characterized by a hacking dry cough, which persists for weeks. Adeno Virus causes jaundice in dogs, and all the above are easily preventable by vaccination. Rabies causes 100% fatality in animals and man and is caused by bullet shaped virus. Corona virus causes symptoms similar to Parvo but is less fatal

Bacterial diseases: These include Leptospirosis, which Dr Unny feels is on the rise in Delhi. Other diseases include bacterial pyodermas and Puppy strangles that cause skin trouble. Other infections include Gastritis by bacteria like Helicobacter sp.

Reproductive diseases: The most common is false pregnancies that are seen after two months of heat if the female does not conceive. Orchitis or inflammation of the testis is seen in males. Pyometra is a serious disease of female dogs where the uterus is filled with pus. Mastitis is seen in the mammary glands of lactating females if there is improper drainage of milk.

Congenital diseases: Are those that are seen at birth and include Canine Hip Dysplasia seen in medium to large breeds especially Alsatians and causes progressive lameness and paralysis. Deafness is seen in some breeds like the Dalmatian. Epilepsy is quite common and Dr Unny has seen the maximum number in Alsatian's and members of the Spitz breed. Some herinas like the Umblical hernia are also congenital.

Acquired Ailments : Hernias are breakage of the musculature and protrusion of the internal organs. Maggot wounds where the larvae of flies eat into wounds and create festering areas in the body. Fractures where the bones break due to stress or injury. Ottitis where the ears are infected and inflamed causing pain to the pets. It is very common in Delhi. Hepatitis or jaudice and is very common in dogs. Poisoning is either accidental or malicious and commonly seen in aggressive dogs.  

Parasitic diseases: Are very common in summer and include ticks, fleas, mites etc on the skin. Internally they include tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms etc. They all cause the animal to lose health and result in unthriftiness. Prevention is the best cure and control. 

At this clinic we use a combination of allopathy and homeopathy and we also have a homeopath attached to us as a consultant. An ayurvedic consultant also provides inputs to us on how to deal with problems. Dr Unny has done Reiki healing and uses it to heal pets. A holistic approach is used to provide the fastest and quickest cure to the patients. Before embarking on treatment the client is informed about the possible ailment, its prognosis and only then is treatment started after getting 100% consent.   

Radiograph : Dog with Hip Dysplasia

And lastly  I would like you to be patient when it comes to the treatment of your pet. Remember the constraints that we vets work under. The diagnosis of your pet is constrained by the lack of many modern day facilities human doctors take for granted like CAT scans or MRI scans. Often blood examinations are costly and owners cannot afford it. Not all our patients are co-operative and we work under constant danger of getting bitten. And like children, our patients cannot speak, so diagnosis is mostly based on symptoms that often come up rather late, making the diagnosis late. All in all not a very easy job, but very satisfying none the less!!!


As the common saying goes " Not happy by something about us or something we did, then tell us", but satisfied by us then tell everyone else...............!!!!!!!!". Thanks in advance.


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