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This page is devoted to what is an integral part of Dr Unny's life i.e writing. The book ' A Manual On Dog Care' his first book is almost a reflection of the fifteen years Dr Unny has been in practice.  All his efforts and whatever he has learnt is reflected in this painstakingly well researched book.
A Manual on Dog Care
Rupa and Co. INR Rs. 195


This book is all one needs to read about raising a pet in India. Having practiced across practically the length and breadth of our country, i.e. Chennai and Delhi the two most dog-loving cities in India, there are tips for pets in almost all climates and conditions.

A few of the chapters that are in this book are


      Domestication of breeds: this chapter has details of the origin of breeds, different breeds suited to Indian climates, the best choices for your city etc.

      Pup Selection: Here the main points that are highlighted are the ways to choose a pet in accordance to ones lifestyle and future living conditions.

      Care of a Pup: Brings to life the various modalities that need to be taken into account in raising a pup successfully.

      Routine Veterinary Care: From vaccines to de-worming and from nail cutting to anal gland cleaning all aspects of routine care are highlighted.

      Routine Care: Another chapter on facets of pet care like grooming, bathing, housing, etc.

      Reproduction and Sexual behavior: A full chapter on breeding, mating, and reproductive disorders.

      Geriatric Care: All about aging dogs with special emphasis of making life comfortable for our older pets.

      Diseases: A full chapter is dedicated to acquired, congenital, parasitic, bacterial viral and other ailments.

      Emergencies and first aid: there is no doubt that every pet at some stage of its life faces an emergency and how the owner should react to such a situation is the crux of this chapter.

      Canine Behaviour: Canine shrinks!!!! And their thoughts are the focus of this must read chapter.

      Dog training: An integral but oft neglected aspect of the pet’s life finds emphasis here.

      Behavioural problems: From squatting on the couch to chasing cars, its all here. From how to prevent and finally on how to rectify the problems one finds mention here.

      Dog Shows: Are dog shows genuine or just beauty pageants! A chapter to discuss the most coveted titles of the canine world.


A Manual On Dog Training
Publisher National Book Trust INR Rs 55
This book has been published keeping in mind the general lack of awareness in how important it is to train one's pet. People spend large amounts in buying the best dog but rarely spend on a professional trainer or even devote quality time for training.
In this book are chapters for
  • Importance of training
  • Basic principles of training
  • Puppy selection
  • The ideal trainer
  • Puppy training
  • Basic equipment
  • Basic obedience training
  • Situational training
  • Tackling bad habits
  • Advanced training
  • Faq's on training


Ane Publications daryaganj INR Rs 40

The third book published with the script provided by Dr Unny is a pictorial guide to the main dog breeds and has details on the most common breeds seen in India with a few important tips on care and management of pets.


'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. Reading improves awareness and please read more to keep updating yourself on the vast world of pet care.


TheHindustan Times: Animal farm ........this book is the right guide on choosing the right breed, training it and keping it healthy.


The Sunday Tribune: A must read for any dog lover.


Dogs and Pups: An excellent narration of simple but important facts on pet raising.


Disclaimer : Contact Dr Unny Before using any information available on this site. All material on this site is under copyright and must not be used for any publication without the authors prior permission.
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