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Take a Quiz!!!

Why not take a short quiz on pets and see how much you know about your pets? After all knowledge is a great asset and half baked knowledge is a liability! So go ahead and match your wits and enjoy yourselves!!!!!

  1. Dogs are ancestors of wolves and were domesticated due to a mutual need of man and the animal itself. True or False.
  2. Indian native breeds are predominantly hounds, because they enjoyed the patronage of kings for hunting. True or False
  3. The Boxer got its name from its habit of playing with others with its front two legs. True or False
  4. Delaying vaccinations can be fool-hardy as prevention is better than cure. True or False.
  5. Pets can get worms from their mothers even if they have no other external contact. True or False.
  6. The simplest way to calculate your dog’s weight is to pick it up yourself and then subtract your own weight. True or False.
  7. Dogs must be dewormed every three months and vaccinated yearly. True or False.
  8. Age has no correlation with vaccinations or other routine veterinary care which must continue as per schedule. True or False.
  9. Unmated female dogs are prone to mammary tumors and pus in the uterus. True or False.
  10.  Getting your bitch neutered before her first heat gets the chances of her developing mammary tumors to close to zero. True or False.
  11. Dog fights need urgent treatment as otherwise they tend to develop into serious complications True or False.
  12. Cocker Spaniels and Alsatians are more prone to ear infections and therefore need more care. True or False.
  13. Native Indian breeds are healthier as a general rule than other pedigreed animals. True or False.
  14. Training must be started by at least five months of age for all breeds that have a nature of being aggressive. True or False.
  15. A dog dragging its anus can have impacted anal glands or worms in its stomach. True or False.
  16. Getting an ovulation test of a bitch in heat will give you better conception rates. True or False.
  17. A routine blood analysis on a yearly basis is recommended every year in all dogs above eight years. True or False.
  18. Getting a pup to your home at the age of six weeks is the best option as it allows proper puppy socialization. True or False.
  19. Adult dogs like Great Danes and Alsatians must never be forced to exercise after a heavy meal. True or False.
  20. Ticks can cause very severe ailments in dogs and must be controlled at any cost. True or False.

Answers : Go to the bottom of the page “ Common Myths” to see the answers and calculate your score.

Its the grace of my Guru AMMA that i have achieved whatever little I am today. I thank her for it .

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