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On this page we provide you insights about the Veterinarian manning this clinic for the past decade, Dr Gautam Unny, B.V.Sc, M.I.S.V.S, who has graduated from Madras Veterinary College considered by one and all to be the Mecca of Veterinary knowledge. He joined the college in 1991 and his life over the past 18 years has seen a lot.....................


Name : Dr Gautam Unny

Age / D.O.B : 22/01/1973

Schooling : St. Columba's High School Delhi

College : Madras Veterinary College , Chennai

Professional Career : 1992 -1997 assisted in a private clinic in Chennai

1997 : worked in a leading veterinary clinic in Delhi.

1998 onwards running the Amrita Pet Care Clinic

Has written three books for three different eminent publishers

Has published more than 500 articles for many dailies, magazines, webssites etc

Has been a consultant for a radio talk show since 2003.

Has been an online consultant for since 2001.

Has been an online consultant for since 2006

Writing and answering queries for since 2008.

Has been a consultant for many factories like Bharatiya heavy Vehicles etc.

Has taken part in many National level continuation education programs ssince 1998 to update his knowledge.

Is a member of the Delhi Veterinary Council, Indian Veterinary Council, Small Animal Veterinary Associaation, Delhi chapter.



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